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Your public relations committee wants you

by Geoff Hart

Previously published as: Hart, G.J. 1998. Your public relations committee wants you. Connections 15(2):1.

Under the fearless guidance of Manny Gordon, a few brave souls have taken on the task of promoting both the Montreal chapter and the profession of technical communication as a whole in the Montreal area and environs. One current goal of the committee is to develop a list of contacts who can help us to ensure that the right people get the information they need and can pass it on to people who may not be familiar with STC—but who should be.

To create the "mother of all lists", we need your help: if you can provide any suggestions (French and English) to expand our list, please let us know! We already have a good list of nearby STC chapters, but we're looking for contacts in various other professional societies (e.g., the Association of Personnel Managers, ACM, IEEE, etc.), relevant Internet discussion groups, the Press, and so on. We're also looking for a programmer willing to help us create a database application for maintaining our contact list and customizing our insidiously effective propaganda campaigns.

Please contact me with your suggestions or if you're willing to devote some skull sweat to building our database. On the minus side, it's unpaid (slave) labor; on the plus side, it'll look great on your résumé, and Manny knows all the best restaurants in which to hold our occasional meetings.

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