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Science SIG at the annual conference

By Geoff Hart

Previously published as: Hart, G.J. 2003. Science SIG at the annual conference. the Exchange 10(1):5.

As always, we scientific communicators will be present at the annual conference. Here’s some preliminary information on when and where to help you plan your schedule:

Of course, this list isn’t comprehensive, and much of the value in attending the conference lies in applying solutions from other disciplines to our own unique challenges. Have a close look at the conference program, but with an open mind, and see if you can’t broaden this list!

My essays on scientific communication have now been collected in the following book:

Hart, G. 2011. Exchanges: 10 years of essays on scientific communication. Diaskeuasis Publishing, Pointe-Claire, Que. Printed version, 242 p.; eBook in PDF format, 327 p.

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