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Books available for purchase / Livres disponibles à acheter

Although my fiction is available free for reading online, the novels and collections are also available for purchase if you want to encourage me to write more:


Printed version

EPUB version for tablets and smartphones (from SmashWords)


($12.66 printed)

Chords ($1.99 EPUB)


($10.33 printed)

Jester ($1.99 EPUB)

Dance the Shadows

Dance the Shadows
($8.46 printed)

Dance the Shadows ($1.99 EPUB)

A Higher Power and Other Stories

A Higher Power and other stories ($15.06 printed)

A Higher Power and other stories ($1.99 EPUB)

For a list of my non-fiction articles and books, please see the non-fiction part of my site in English ou en français.

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