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Front matter

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© 2009 Geoffrey Hart

Photo © 2008 Ben McLeish. Used by permission of the artist.

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication
Hart, Geoff, 1962-
Chords / Geoff Hart.
ISBN 978-0-9783227-3-1
I. Title.
PS8615.A7538C46 2009          C813'.6        C2009-906079-5

Diaskeuasis Publishing
112 Chestnut Ave.
Pointe-Claire, Quebec
H9R 3B1 Canada


For Mom and Dad, who long ago planted a seed; for Kathleen Jensen, who helped teach that seed to grow but would not stay to see it flourish; for all those friends and family who nurtured the seedling along the way; and for Manly Wade Wellman, Silver John, and Nine Yards of Other Cloth, who provided a resonance I’d forgotten until it gave birth to this story. And always for Shoshanna—my own "Alison".

Many friends guided this book into its final form. Andy Fraser, Russell Martin, Duncan McKenzie, Nancy Cosantine, Phil Jones, Susan Kaye, Boris Palameta, Bob Ray, Tom Riel, Guy Shimwell, and Susan Thorpe (now Thorpe-Jones) provided much practice telling stories and occasional helpful comments on early drafts of this story (a dismayingly long time ago) and lots of other encouragement. Thelma Mariano helped me find the story's soul and (I hope) turn it into more than just another sword opera.

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