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Front matter

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© Copyright 2010 by Geoffrey Hart

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Hart, Geoff, 1962-
Dance the shadows / Geoff Hart.
ISBN 978-0-9783227-3-1
I. Title.
PS8615.A754D36 2011 C813'.6 C2011-900424-0

Diaskeuasis Publishing
112 Chestnut Ave.
Pointe-Claire, Quebec
H9R 3B1 Canada


“ was aware of a curious lightness and freedom... one was happy all the same; one had crossed the boundary into country really strange; surely one had gone deep this time.”—Graham Greene, Journey Without Maps

Dedications and thanks

Dedication: To my parents, as always, but particularly for sending me out into the world at a time when I’d just as soon have stayed comfortably and stagnantly at home. To Matthew and Alison, for constant (mostly welcome) reminders of responsibilities and of how things change, and to Shoshanna for ensuring that I have reason to change. Last but not least, to Mark Baker, Andy Fraser, Charles Kellen, Rob Perry, and Guy Shimwell, for sharing so much of the art and practice of storytelling and helping set me on this path many years ago.

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