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Front matter

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© Copyright 2009 by Geoffrey Hart

Library and Archives Canada
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Hart, Geoff, 1962-
Jester / Geoff Hart.
ISBN 978-0-9783227-2-4
I. Title.
PS8615.A7538J48 2009 C813’.6 C2009-905887-1

Diaskeuasis Publishing
112 Chestnut Ave.
Pointe-Claire, Quebec
H9R 3B1 Canada

Dedications and thanks

Always and forever, to Shoshanna, for giving me time and encouragement to write, and joy in writing and so much else. To Mom and Dad, for giving me the courage to make my own path through life, the ability to speak my piece without fear, and only good reasons to write this story. To Matthew and Alison, for teaching me things about myself I’d never have learned otherwise—and in the hope I’ve given you reason to write your own stories, but never this one. To Mark Baker, Brent Buckner, Andy Fraser, Phil Jones, Charles Kellen, Rob Perry, and Guy Shimwell, for many shared tales and lessons in their telling. To Beth Friedman for editorial assistance and encouragement—but long ago and for an early draft, so don’t blame her. To John Renish for a thorough and patient review. To Jody Negley, for a lesson in courage. Last but not least, to Thelma Mariano for helping me to find some of the soul of this story.

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