[6] Consider the effective affect of iliciting an elicit elusion from allusive illusions to works of literature.

If example 5 had been written by a PhD candidate in literature, but the intended audience for the writing were less familiar with the styles and vocabulary used in this genre of writing, how could you rewrite this sentence to better convey the meaning?

For the moment, let's ignore the renumbering problem (see the solution to problem 5 for details) and assume that this really is the sixth problem. Perhaps the author of this Web page accidentally deleted example 4, and the reference to example 5 in this line is correct!

Here's one way to revise the sentence: "Consider how you would respond if the author tried to provoke an emotional reaction by referring (alluding) to some well-known aspect of a literary work, but you discovered that the allusion doesn't really work." Still a bit dense, but comprehensible with some effort.

Further simplification is still possible. The key thing to note is how text that was originally incomprehensible now offers the reader a chance at understanding. There's an old joke that "editing is a rewording profession", and rewording difficult text is yet another service editors offer.