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Charitable resources for online donations

Unless specifically noted otherwise, I've made the materials on this site available for reading, free of charge. Please note that I still retain copyright of all these materials, and if you'd like to use them for whatever purpose, please contact me to discuss how this can be done without violating my copyright.

Although I don't require any fee for using these resources, I do request that if you find my site useful, you take the time to make a charitable donation to "pay" for your use of this site. Some of the sites listed on this page only require a single mouse click for a donation to be made (corporate or other sponsors pay for the actual donation). Others are more traditional "get out your credit card" sites where you yourself make the payment. Either is acceptable.

Disclaimer: Everyone has different criteria for what they consider a worthy charity. The links on this page represent suggestions that I received from friends and colleagues, so please don't assume that any link on this page represents my personal endorsement of an organization; it may very well, but it also may not. Neither does the absence of a link indicate my disapproval. If you'd like to request that I add another charity, please do so via the Contact page.

Charitable links:

Don't see one you like?

Have a look at for a long list of links to other charitable donation sites.

Also have a look at the "Food for Thought" cookbook (front matter and main text), prepared by the members of the copyediting-l discussion group as an aid to your own charitable fundraising activities.

Want to make charitable donations part of your daily routine?

Add one or more of these URLs to your computer's startup folder or directory (on the Mac and Windows, respectively; it's the same concept, but the files go in different locations). Each time you reboot, you'll be taken to the charity's page so you can click to donate before carrying on with your work.

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