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Editorial: New faces

by Geoff Hart

Previously published as: Hart, G.J. 2001. Editorial: New faces. the Exchange 8(1):2.

Welcome to the first issue planned for 2001! I’ve modified the newsletter slightly from the previous format to fix a few things that have been bugging me since my original design (e.g., the lack of room to threehole-punch the newsletter), so please feel free to provide additional feedback and requests. I think it’s basically a functional design, but there’s certainly room for improvement. (Before you ask: No, we don’t currently have the budget for two-color printing.) My theme in this editorial ties together aspects of the idea of “new faces”: the hidden faces behind the Exchange, my previous editorial on evangelism, and the upcoming STC conference.

Probably the most important hidden face is that of Anita Dosik at STC headquarters; Anita’s the one who ensures that the newsletter gets printed and mailed in a timely manner, and I couldn’t possibly publish it without her. Belated thanks, Anita! The person voted most likely to become most important new face is Amy Burdan, our new SIG manager. Amy wasn’t able to provide any material for the current issue of the newsletter, but I’m expecting at least a brief introduction for the next issue. I’ve also identified two brave souls willing to help out with graphics (Judith Harroun-Lord and Steve Mercer), and promise to take advantage of their talents in future issues.

At the upcoming STC conference in Chicago this May, we’ll be holding the traditional SIG business meeting. (Details at if you haven’t yet received your conference information from STC.) The meeting is your chance to express your goals for the SIG in the coming year, or to volunteer for various roles in the SIG. Come join us Sunday at 4 (location to appear in the final program), and meet some new faces as well as the old ones. If you arrive too late on Sunday or are participating in another SIG’s business meeting, you can also join us at the SIG networking luncheon on Tuesday at 12:15. I’d hoped to participate in the scientific communication progression on Wednesday at 8:30, but a scheduling conflict made that impossible. I hope you can make it in my place; if so, contact Amy (BURDAN_AMY@LILLY.COM) and discuss details.

The last aspect is that of membership. We’d love to have more members of the SIG, and thus more people to contribute to the e-mail discussion group (see page 8 for details) and write for the newsletter. So if you should happen to have a friend or colleague at the convention who’s at a loss for something to do, drag them along with you to one of our meetings or one of the presentations on scientific communication.

My essays on scientific communication have now been collected in the following book:

Hart, G. 2011. Exchanges: 10 years of essays on scientific communication. Diaskeuasis Publishing, Pointe-Claire, Que. Printed version, 242 p.; eBook in PDF format, 327 p.

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