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When I'm not writing nonfiction, I also write literary science fiction and fantasy, as well as conventional literature. I've provided these stories here for your enjoyment. (Only some have been previously published.) If you enjoy them, bring your friends; if you hate them, share this site with your enemies.

Terms of use: If you enjoy the stories, consider making a charitable donation (in your own name). Read them, print a personal copy, or pass them along to kindred spirits—just don't steal them. But if you want to publish my work elsewhere, please contact me to discuss how. The reviews are copyrighted, and I'm prepared to enforce my rights.

Warnings and disclaimers: I don't believe in warnings or rating systems. Some things may offend; none are deliberately intended to offend, and therefore most won't offend most people. I trust my readers to be capable of handling anything I write. If you really want to read something and aren't sure whether it contains any of your triggers, contact me and ask.

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