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Photo of old Irish harp carved in stone

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Plot synopsis

A "medieval" fantasy set in the same world as Jester, but about a decade earlier. At the time of the story, the western human kingdom of Amelior has begun invading the eastern lands, apparently with imperial ambitions. To complicate matters, there are hints of magical assistance—despite a ban on magic for the past two centuries—leading to the death of key figures and the fall of several cities to Amelior's armies. At the time of the story, a former Ameliorite knight (Bram) and a mercenary (Gareth) are thrown together by circumstances, and find themselves forced to work together to help the eastern kingdoms withstand Amelior's steady advance. But Bram has not escaped his past, and will need Gareth's help to defeat the ancient magic that is following in his wake.

Table of contents

Front matter
Part I: Harmonies (chapters 1 to 7)
Part II: Chords (chapters 1 to 6)
Part III: Martial strains (chapters 1 to 10 of 20)
Part III: Martial strains (chapters 11 to 20 of 20)
Part IV: Interlude (chapters 1 to 7)
Part V: Accelerando (chapters 1 to 8 of 15)
Part V: Accelerando (chapters 9 to 15 of 15)
Epilogue: Coda
Author's notes

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