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This page contains a quick overview of the services I currently offer. For details, see my standard contract.


My primary service involves developmental and substantive editing, with a specialization in the sciences. As an editor, I work with authors to ensure that their manuscripts communicate their messages clearly, efficiently, and in their own voice. I've worked extensively with authors from China, France, India, Japan, Poland, and Russia (among others) for whom English is a second language.

Developmental and substantive editing involves:

As part of this process, I also perform basic copyediting and proofreading. These involve:

I edit primarily in English, but can also perform substantive editing and basic copyediting in French. For more detailed grammatical work in French, I work with several francophone colleagues in Québec.

Graphic design

I'm not a graphic designer, but I work with several experienced graphics professionals to design graphics that communicate clearly and that complement the accompanying text. Where graphics are provided with a manuscript, I'll confirm that they support and are consistent with the text both in their substance and in their tone. Working with graphic artists, I've developed the following types of designs:

Publication design and production

I've worked with commercial printers to produce the following types of print publications:

My experience in this field lets me guide a manuscript through all the stages of production: outlining, writing, editing, technical review, graphic design, desktop publishing, proofreading, developing print specifications, and working with a printer to print and bind the final publication. I maintain a close working relationship with commercial printers in the Montreal (Québec) area; for clients located elsewhere, I will provide clear guidance on how to deal with their preferred printer so as to obtain the desired results.


I translate technical material from French into English, in the following areas:

I also perform translations in non-technical areas such as annual reports, sales brochures, and advertising and marketing information.

Web and online design

Web sites: I designed and created my own Web site. As you can see, my philosophy is based on simplicity, usability, and functionality. For more complex designs (e.g., the use of scripting languages, animation, high-impact graphics), I work with various colleagues who have more experience in these areas.

Online help: I have developed online help systems for Windows software. As is the case for Web design, my emphasis is on simplicity and functionality, and I can work with other professionals to develop more sophisticated systems.

Workshops and training

I've already developed or am in the process of developing a series of workshops based on my extensive technical communication experience. The following training options are currently available:

For a complete list of my workshops, please visit my Workshops page.


In addition to editing existing text, I have created original text to meet an author's needs. This includes obtaining any necessary information through research and interviews. For samples of my various writing styles, please see my bibliography.

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