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A Higher Power and other stories

Cover illustration for A Higher Power (full moon and cemetary)

Cover illustration by Aleksandar Velasevic. See his portfolio online at (If the link breaks, search for file number 17769380.)

This book collects all the short stories I published online before January 2012. It includes the following stories:

  • A Higher Power
  • The Distaff War
  • A Principle of Matter
  • Time's Arrow
  • Edge Effect
  • Cogito, Ergo Nihil
  • The Man from H.A.R.R.I.S.O.N.
  • At the Body Shop
  • Windhame
  • Flatlander Pro Tem
  • Graf
  • Hunter's Moon
  • Where There's Smoke…
  • The Phantom of the Niebelungen
  • Blood in the Snow: a Thomas Rabbitfurs mystery
  • The Computer Graveyard
  • Heirloom
  • The Dead-end Gang

Buy the book

Although all of the shortstories in the book are freely available for reading online, you can also purchase it in printed form or in EPUB format for your tablet or smartphone.

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