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Image of a medieval jester

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Printed and EPUB versions now available: You can now buy the printed book from Lulu or buy an EPUB version for your smartphone or tablet.

If you want to cheat, you can also read my afterword ("Author's notes") before you start reading.

Image © 2008 by Alexander Klemm. Used by permission of the artist. The image shows the court jester of the elector Ernst of Saxony, with Hartenfels castle (Torgau, Germany) in the background; due to the jester’s carelessness, bears were released and broke many things.

Plot synopsis

Jester is a "medieval" fantasy set in a post-diaspora world, in which humans have fled to a new continent after destroying their original homeland in a magical catastrophe. Now, some two centuries later, they have successfully re-established their civilization and spread through their new lands, despite conflicts among kingdoms and between humans and the land's original inhabitants. The protagonist, Morley, is a human dwarf (that is, the achondroplastic kind, not the Tolkein kind) who has survived an abusive childhood and is now serving as a court jester. When he is offered the chance to become "normal", he accepts—but there will be a high price, and one he becomes increasingly unwilling to pay. Chronologically, the story follows that in Chords, but you don't need to have read Chords to understand or appreciate Jester.

Table of contents

Front matter
Chapter 1: A walk in the woods
Chapter 2: Another twist of the dagger
Chapter 3: Orgrim
Chapter 4: A bargain fulfilled
Chapter 5: Walking for the first time
Chapter 6: A session in the library
Chapter 7: Transitions
Chapter 8: Further literary endeavors
Chapter 9: Into the Southwood
Chapter 10: Messages and departures
Chapter 11: Message to the Goblins
Chapter 12: Volonor
Chapter 13: Ankur
Chapter 14: Home is where they take you in
Chapter 15: The cat came back
Chapter 16: Redemption
Chapter 17: Endings and beginnings
Author's notes

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