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What is Diaskeuasis Publishing?

Diaskeuasis Publishing is the name I've chosen for the imprint that publishes all my books, whether non-fiction or fiction. The name derives from the Greek word for "editing of books and other materials", and since I work primarily as an editor, it seemed an appropriate choice. Although my first book was for editors, I'm hoping to gradually expand my backlist to include other subjects, as time and interest permit.

Note to libraries and bookstores: Diaskeuasis Publishing does not exist as an independent legal entity. All of its publications are sold directly from the book's Web page on my Web site (see the non-fiction or fiction sections for details) or are printed on demand by I do not provide free evaluation copies, with one exception (see the next note). Unfortunately, the printed book cannot be returned or exchanged for credit; that's not how works. If you have a problem with the quality of any book (e.g., if there is a printing or assembly error), please contact's customer service first to resolve the problem. However, if they give you any trouble, please contact me (include a copy of your purchase receipt) and I will do my best to help you to resolve the problem.

A note to teachers and students: Teachers who are interested in obtaining an evaluation copy of a book to determine whether it should be added to their required or recommended reading list can obtain a free copy of the PDF version of any book. As for students, I recall how frustrating it was living on a student's or grad student's budget, so I offer a standard discount of about US$5 (depending on the book) from the standard cover price. To learn more, write to me from your school address and ask for details.

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